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Traditional logistics companies six incurable diseases

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As a logistics chain, logistics service providers, logistics companies transport shoulder important responsibilities, but also as a weak B feel heavy pressure from upstream of the owner. Take a look at the human body against the six mountain stream which those it!
1, the price and margin
In every single logistics service acquisition, the owner (customer) will find their needs N logistics companies to bid for or against, but every game in the tender, the reference standard companies are required to pay the corresponding bid bond, in most cases the lowest bidder wins, the winner of the bid bond is generally automatically be converted to a performance bond.
2, the long payment cycle
Shippers (customers) in the business contract logistics fee usually paid account period was extended to 2-3 months, and in the actual implementation process may also result in payment delays due to various reasons: the payment approval process as complex, because of the public shelving, cash flow difficulties, etc., will cause the entire payment schedule delays, or even a delay indefinitely the N reasons.
3, payment instruments
Shippers (customers) even realize logistics fees paid, rarely use cash, after a few months will be a lot of use in order to check into cash acceptance; anxious to use the money in advance the logistics company had to discount its own acceptance.
4, exaggerated rates
Due to the current state for transport, storage, handling, freight forwarding and other logistics services to implement various different tax rates, the logistics company provides logistics services products include transportation, warehousing and distribution and logistics handling different functions, many shippers (customers) requirements Logistics company issued 11% of the deductible VAT invoices transport category, which for a small proportion of the actual transport logistics service products, means that the owner (the customer) more enjoy 5% tax deductible.
5, instability Insurance
Shippers (customers) will generally be property insurance of their own goods, logistics companies consider themselves out of risk aversion will be underwriting class logistics liability insurance. However, in the event of an insured event, the owner part for rework after repair can continue to use the product, or partial damage of modular products, strongly insisted that all by scrapping the damage, thereby amplifying the amount of insurance compensation, and finally to the logistics companies in the insurance company subrogation After the recovery is successful, in fact, the final product of the preceding negotiation process damaged by the customer and the insurance company. Alternatively, some shippers did not insure their goods, but the logistics accident occurred during the loss borne entirely by the requirements of the logistics company, even in the business contract explicitly required by the actual loss ratio of 100% or more will be paid.
6, the pattern complex logistics services
We have made new logistics services to logistics providers, but the logistics service product price basically can not move.

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