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Big Data Logic providers face a single parcel behind

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Unlike previous handwritten or machine-printed and other paper side single, electronic face a single tabbed increasingly appear in the major electricity supplier for the parcel.

   It is reported that, Jingdong Mall, Suning Tesco, One shop, Dangdang self-employed business electricity supplier has been trying to face a single electron. Beginning last year, also a rookie network under Ali led the joint of the logistics courier company actively promote this business, in which the ratio of delivery through courier Taobao, Lynx wrapped in a single electronic surface has exceeded 50%.

The last one kilometer

   Competition between Chinese business enterprise has always been competition in the ecosystem is related to the electricity supplier last kilometer logistics Express is one of the important part. As Chairman of the Board Ma Alibaba "double eleven" during last year he said, he is not concerned with sales, but behind the parcel delivery problems.

   Precisely in order to enhance the electronic side single parcel distribution efficiency and launched, it has been successfully used for many years in foreign countries, such as Federal Express and International Express. In China, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other electronic business platform started early electronic surface single attempt.

   Compared to traditional paper surface after a single need in order generated by the electricity supplier sellers express a single entry one by one and then handed over to the courier company delivery, orders can automatically generate electronic surface side single information stream in order to generate the same time, the print speed You can increase 4-6 times, not to mention the lower cost, more environmentally friendly.

   Last May, Ali's rookie network began to vigorously promote e-side single, it has been a succession of United Way and other 15 major courier companies, courier companies and major electricity supplier businesses can apply for free access to use. Who also claimed the rookie network, cooperative express company data show that the use of electronic face alone, can improve the speed of delivery of more than 30%.

Data of the starting point

   Single-use electronic face lift just express a single print speed and delivery speed so simple.

   丁宏伟 responsible for novice network data operators believe that in the past saw the face of a single or handwritten or machine-printed, the entire information is not recorded in the IT system, not information. The development of a single electronic surface is actually a whole industry data standardization process, or that is a basic requirement of information.

   In the face of a single standardized and based on the data, you can also carry out more large data applications, such as working with novice network in the pass, tact cooperation of sub-single, which is based on the information of a large single-service routing data points, not only can reduce errors from memory sub-single way of doing so may cause rookie network official also claimed that the sorting efficiency can be increased by more than 50%.

   Electronic side is required to promote the single condition that express a single information such as address, telephone and other information Front, which requires electricity providers with sellers and electricity supplier platform.

   "Electricity supplier to many of our parcels, these parcels are a huge traffic of commercial electricity costs, adds up to the client consumer groups, they are very cautious, can give us this data sharing, which requires Ali, rookie of the platform to meet us . "assistant to the president and chief marketing officer Zheng Chao expressed through courier.

Universal take some time

   Although the rookie network announced free electronics sub-single system, from paper to electronic side single surface alone requires hardware support, these costs need electricity supplier sellers themselves.

   Zheng Chao also said that some businesses large body mass, and if a thousand, two thousand, ten thousand parcels, the use of electronic face greater demand for a single print every day; while some businesses volume is not too large, there are ten or twenty a day ten parcels may not replace the equipment, the courier company will not be forced.

   Data provided by the rookie network, when just last year to promote e-side single, electronic side single usage Ali electronic business platform of less than 5%, now this percentage has been raised to nearly 60%. Rookie network plan is in the end of this year, the entire delivery system of electronic single surface can account for 60% to 70% after 2016 to be fully electronic.

   This is just the case of Ali electricity supplier, electricity supplier courier from the entire field of view, even though net canal treasure, the business school, wheat and other electricity providers fast seller service providers strongly to each appliance business platform for third-party sellers to sell electronic plane ticket system and equipment, but in the absence of electricity supplier platform support background, courier company needs between electricity suppliers and sellers, the seller one docking between electricity suppliers and system services, universal process is relatively slow.

   In other electronic business platform, and still we do not see signs of a network led by a rookie promote electronic plane ticket such as Ali.

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