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Double eleven major wars start express logistics

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In less than a month's time, the annual net purchases Wars "double 11" is coming. While cable Internet family who purchased a shopping spree, the next line is a test of the express industry.

   On the 20th, the reporter visited Changchun number of courier companies have found that, in order to prepare for the industry was known as the "Spring Festival Express" and "double 11", the courier companies are ahead of "recruitment."

Courier companies a month in advance to get people to prepare for

   "Double 11" next month is approaching, a lot of online shopping Changchun family are waiting for this day to come. But the crazy online shopping, the express industry is faced with no small challenge. But in recent years with the gradual adaptation, Changchun various courier companies have to start early to prepare this key "battle."

   "Recruiting couriers, sending pieces required to complete the work of company income, develop new customers, maintain old customers," "recruiting couriers, responsible for distribution of all types of shipment," the reporter noted that in the 58 city and other domestic recruitment website, Changchun number of courier companies to hang out recruitment information, is to recruit people in advance, good assurance submittals efficiency "double 11" period.

   Staff of a courier company, said after the annual "double 11", will produce a large number of parcels, and in order to ensure the efficiency of submittals, courier must be adequate, so a month in advance began recruiting couriers.

   Another courier company official said, "double 11" is coming to when the shipment will be very much, so now need to recruit people in advance, such as a network usually have six individuals, but a network "double 11" period have need 10 couriers, so now good preparation, that time will not be a shortage of manpower.

Plus high-paying part-time recruit people into two lines

   Courier express sorting, and then to their own designated area, pick shipment, but due to more difficult, larger than the movement of persons.

   Faced with the recruitment market, Changchun number of courier companies have taken part-time paid employment and other methods to recruit people. For example, in respect of the treatment of wages, basic wages generally given around 3000-5000, at the same time, some companies will give the staff five insurance industry and traffic. If the operator in accordance with the performance, "double 11" period parcels volume, plus salary, couriers income is relatively high month.

   In addition, in terms of part-time, the courier company is fully utilized, recruiting some temporary couriers, which can be arranged in a parcel concentrated, with liberal and is also more flexible. Reporters also noted that, in order to be able to move people up, courier companies in the courier's age and gender and other aspects of relaxed requirements.

Observation: "Double 11" surge goods delivery time or delayed

   After a year of "double 11", we will have a lot assigned to each parcel delivery company, although courier manpower relatively neat, but the situation is not uncommon warehouse explosion.

   "From the staffing situation now, after November 11, the message should be promptly sent to the customer." A courier company official said Mr. Zhang, courier companies are carried by courier and Area Delivery division after increasing the number of courier, mail volume will be broken down, so more efficient. But he also said that if the shipment is too much, there may be some delay in time.
Staff another courier company said that in order to prepare for the "double 11", the company is now recruiting couriers, transport and increase the number of electric vehicles, the situation shipment delay too long in general does not appear. However, due to the "double 11" express too much that time period, but also according to the specific circumstances.

Big promotion can not be limited to the electricity supplier return conditions

   Reporters learned that, and every year, this year's electricity supplier "big promotion", if again, "the sale does not enjoy seven days no reason to return," "gifts do not enjoy the three guarantees" and other restrictions, you will be curbed.

   From October 1, 2015, "the network of goods and services focused on promotional activities management Interim Provisions" the official implementation. That is starting from October 1, electronic business platform then concentrated promotional activities such as the above violation of the "rule" behavior, they may be punished.

   According to "require" and the network centralized marketing, refers to a specific time, the organizers of the network centralized marketing organization that is third-party trading platform operators on the Internet, to carry out sales of goods by offering favorable terms from operating activities or provide services.

   Among them, as the organizers of the third-party centralized trading platform for promotion should be recorded, the information content of goods and services posted saved during promotional activities on its platform and its release date. Meanwhile, the trading platform for online merchants need to check monitor promotional activities, such as businesses have found illegal behavior, we can stop it provides third-party trading platform, and to the public.

   For the previous "double 11" have appeared in part of the pre-sale merchandise stores predetermined quality problems may not return, and supported by the trading platform and other issues, the "rule" in the clear requirements, third-party trading platforms may not use the standard clauses set refundable deposit, sale of goods does not apply seven days no reason to return, self-interpretation goods in good condition, increasing the limit back conditions exclude or limit the rights of consumers, reduce or waive the responsibility of the operator, increased consumer responsibility unfair to consumers, unreasonable regulations.

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