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Double eleven logistics soon electricity supplier price war or war

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Competition in the domestic electricity supplier industry, 2015 has entered the era oligarchs obvious, while Tencent, Jingdong marriage, while the dangerous Ali Suning shares, at any time other platforms being marginalized. According to public information has been inferred that this year's double 11 each electronic business platform will abandon the old thinking of the price war, but in the logistics service providers fight to compete. Lynx in the Golden Week on the use of the logistics channels Suning, two-eleven is the headquarters moved to Beijing to take. Jingdong then over the weekend announced the "Beijing Teng Plan" and Tencent cooperation, both sides will come up with the most resources and products to create innovative models of business platform called "goods quotient" (Brand-Commerce) in.

Price war is outdated

   Why does the price war? It was by no means because the new advertising law are not allowed to use words such as "lowest whole network," but because it is outdated. On the one hand, electricity suppliers make festival a few years ago, many so-called price cuts are false, the competent authorities already received complaints and intervention; on the other hand, now brands are networked thinking, and do not want the eggs all in one basket, in addition to Jingdong Lynx sell, often also attach great importance to their own online store, multi-platform unified price, lead to "price war" playing impossible.

   More importantly, price wars are simple and crude yell, the user experience is often overlooked, after 11 previous years of double-delay and a variety of shipping warehouse explosion, are painful memories. So online shopping user experience Logistics as an important part, has gained various electronic business platform consistent attention.

   It is worth mentioning that, Jingdong appliances during the past eleven Promotions has joined the light extravagant topics. During the eleven "lying purchase Festival" extremely brisk sales of high-end appliances, 55 inches large screen TV up close to 300%, an increase of 65-inch TV is to reach more staggering 700%, 4K ultra high-definition television rose as high as 400 % more compared to other large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machine last year has doubled. These high-end appliance sales results are described price war already is past.

Ma said not to express themselves

   Here, I must mention a small episode. Early 2015, Ma Jingdong mode for self-supply chain, and self-built logistics have had such a statement: "Jingdong the future will be a tragedy ...... you know how many people do now Jingdong 50,000 Alibaba is slowly grow up?! Now only 23,000 people ...... you know why I do not express? Jingdong 50,000 now, warehousing nearly three or four people, accompanied by two million parcels a day. I now be accompanied by a daily average of 27 million parcels, what concept ? "

   Ma simply by the number of employees to determine Jingdong will become a "tragedy", could not help but laugh, nor with him a feeling entrepreneurs insight. Jingdong substantially pure electricity supplier company can count, and Ali, the company's high morality, UC and so buy back a large number of independent business electricity supplier and the number of employees but only Jingdong half. This occurs because the two companies is not the same genes: 1688.com and Lynx Taobao belong platform type, to let others take the stage singing, quit sellers own job; and Jingdong the beginning is self B2C electricity supplier, even express logistics are their own third-party businesses that are later thing. If those who shop on Taobao and Lynx are considered to Ali employees, Ma's not that there are millions of workers it?

   Also six months, Ma would not express his overthrow, then eleven, and eleven double during the main logistics service is the product of the fusion with Suning after. In fact, Ali, we have been also doing logistics services, rookie network has been doing it for years, but is still used to let others take the stage singing, to work with third-party logistics express genuine channels still not in their own hands.

   In contrast, the data shows the country has entered Jingdong 2106 counties, 20,000 townships, covering 40,006 more than a thousand villages, and there are more than 166 houses. What are the benefits to the people what is it? Limit of 211, the next day, evening distribution, reservation and distribution, cash and other exclusive services are self achievement Jingdong logistics, temporary look Ma often inaccessible.

Logistics directly affect the user experience of online shopping

   Not considered the idea of bosses, only from the user point of view, Jingdong self logistics is the point in the service certainly praise praise, no doubt. In the author's many years of online shopping experience, general merchandise can promise the day of arrival only Jingdong. Taobao Founded 10 years ago, can be said to feed a four-way up (Statistics reality these courier company employees in more than 20 million people) and the like courier companies. But Ali of these courier services no ability to control and can not improve their quality of service, all these years of violence after another complaint handling and delivery is confirmed.

   Chinese Internet users should be should be most grateful Ma Alipay solve the net purchase basic payment needs, but this can only be considered online shopping thing 1.0 times; Jingdong self logistics, warehousing, on the basis of the basic needs of the truly improve the online shopping service level and user experience, online shopping has entered into a new era.

   Of course, the positive is that Ma also understand this trend. After heavily in shares of Suning Golden Week began two fusion in Beijing launched a three-day delivery, same day on-site installation services, allegedly behind 900 warehouses, supporting 15,000 rookie inn. Apparently Ali quietly enhance their logistics strength, in addition to Su Ning, Ali also into the capital of the household appliance logistics Goodaymart seems alone a four-way delivery of these third party or not ah.

   However, since the shares were Ali for two months, leaving more than Suning continuous executives could not help worrying. Especially from 2011 onwards as the electricity provider Suning Li Bin, president of departure, so that the outside world feel there have been unrest.

Dual eleven purchasing power flow leading troops and horses animals

   The next two-eleven, the focal point is still large appliances. Suning United States is the next line of traditionally strong teams, regarded as lackluster online performance, and they have improved over year after year, but and industry comparisons are still being marginalized. According to the Ministry released "in the first half of 2015 the National Grid purchase analysis report" Jingdong home network share market accounted for 60% of the share, the other 40% is divided up Suning, Gome and Lynx and other giants, which can be learned home network share market pattern. Of course, it is to do Jingdong 3C appliances started, Lynx advantage is clothing, household appliance be-coming.

   I predict that this year's two-eleven battleground will be greatly expanded. In Jingdong, for example, a second-tier cities have been very mature, this year's highlights is Jingdong help, said to have recruited for the 3-6 grade area hundred thousand extension workers, 1,000 service shops, planned throughout the year to win the 100,000 villages , really is the online shopping have done the fields. These can be considered Jingdong insist on a self-built logistics and channels advantage withdrawals.

   Ali announced in August this year, Suning shares, it can be seen as a signal Ma paying attention to logistics, shows that he has already dawned, denied what he said before not express the words. Industry experts have said: Although Ali has been in support of "rookie" network, but still there is a big line under its short board on the network layout, this is Ali Suning "Century of marriage," one of the main reason.

   Suning and Lynx cooperation, Ma although he hit his face, but on the surface really quickly reinforcing vulnerable logistics and channels, considered a make up that last ticket. But we must not forget that Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning also a strong man, Huang Guangyu year and a battle of wits when the electricity supplier has not it! There are such people in, Suning Ali is certainly not willing to do the wedding dress because Suning itself have great ambitions for the electricity business, the future can go a step further two are unknown.

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